"3000 Years"

Life is short , that's the one thing we all can agree upon. Average lifespan of a person is 70 years, in which one spends about 23 years sleeping, 5 years doing utiliy tasks and another major chunk doing stuff that one doesn't really cares about. At Wemzo, we are building tools that eliminate the time spent on menial tasks and help sublimate it onto the things one really cares about. This is Where The Number '3000Years' comes into play. Suppose, with our multiple products we help an individual save 30 hours of their life and we do this for 1 Million People, in hindsight we'll shave off 3000+ Years of Laborious Work. Amazing, No? A Simple Yet Complex idea, something that motivates us to build amazing stuff!

Task Time Spent
Sleeping 24 Years
Utility Tasks 8 Years
Reminiscing 6 Years
Consuming Content 10 Years
Time Left 10 Years (Barely)

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